Literally nobody wanted a new background color on Tumblr It's just a color change Nobody cares Many people rely on higher levels of contrast in order to read due to vision-related disabilities Now they can Other people have different disabilities where higher levels of contrast can cause migraines or seizures This was a bad idea heres no one Size fits all solution for accessibility but at least they made an effort to follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines hey are in direct violation of other parts of WCAG They should meet all standards not just convenient ones WCAG has only been widely accepted for six years Adoption takes time and something is better than nothing Standards don't exist in a vacuum You need to talk to people with a variety of disabilities to ensure actual accessibility This likely was not primarily prompted by compassion but by digital accessibility lawsuits in the news like the Domino's app case All of this could have been avoided by creating multiple color schemes like many of their competitors do User choice leads to user satisfaction Let people set up their own colors This silly meme I made to vent my frustration probably put in more thought about this than all of Staff did Meanwhile there are still fucking Nazis here youcannotnotbereal This all went through my head in like four seconds Image description below the cut Keep reading Meme

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