literally only americans know of him and cream themselves about him whenever incredible Chad-confidence allows him to transcend colors the virgin possible not actually a doctor his name is a literal lie the thad THE CHAD O Deuss JEFF KINNEY drew for playboy iverstein writes satirical books about youths deified as a god cheated on his dying wife misinterpreted by young audlences helping raise a generation of brats works translated into more than 30 languages stories are boring and predictable nobody knows his name but everyone knows the The Missing Piece' saga art style assisted by computer technology tries to hide his shitty drawing skills under a billion differen colors understands that kids don't care if the drawings are shitty and adults don't care about drawings at all - his story applies doesn't care he's being memed because of his over-the-top approach to all audiences simultaneously a chill down-to-earth guy and a sell-out with 12 nearlu identical booHs written and Ч shitty movies already literally needed a single Den and piece of paper to create a piece of art to cement his place in history he just wants Hids to read more ignores the Fact his books teach bad Lessons Virgin Seuss vs Chad Silverstein vs Thad Kinney Meme

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