LIVE SUBCOUNT James Charles Live Sub Count Tati James Charles O 13998953 VS 8803831 Goal YouTube Live Subscriber Count-Powered by SocialBladecom 6001012 Before the sister ship hit the iceberg 16572826 Before James un-sistering himself 5908733 1cok wow Thank you so so much for supporting my charrel <3 Things of note Urbeautyguruchatter from ugulfax Jarmes has lost 15m subsc-Ibers and counting Tati has gained 2 million subscobers as of 312 Tari has hit 85maof S12 Larm es's applegy video entereed the 50 mast disl kad videcs an YouTube Tari holds the record for most sus gained in a eay arm es halds the recced for mast subs lost in a day check the description for a quick summary to read what happened 145342 follow on insta I am so proud of this community Setting records bois Meme

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