@lkdog96 @wrightbro remember when posts on 9gag were solely original content made by users here? They all relied on getting 300+ upvotes in less than 16 hours to be auto promoted to trending About a year ago all that changed when the management of this site changed a korean conglomerate acquired the management team and they changed all their policies evident within the updated terms and services and they shifted their focus from original content funny memes and rage comics to stupid screenshots and insta posts to increase their fb and ig exposure leaving great and funny memes in fresh while some crappy posts with 10-20 upvotes make it to trending They also have transaction based promos where they promote certain users who dont get any upvotes to trending just because they pay for extra services on this site like 9gag- pro The new management team doesnt want anybody to know about this change because people here will revolt and boycott this site thats why they filter comments laughoutloud-club The truth is out Open your eyes people 9gag is on its deathbed Meme

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