ll 100% NO 830 100 2 heeling thankhul 13 hrs praying in tongues Ljust wonder ik when we were yesterday hor many things and especially tor our leaders it we were not praying kor our President and the Supreme Leader ot North Korea 2 Comments Like Send Comment I wish I could pray in tongues Oh instruction Listen you got saved by baith just believing that Jesus died hor you Tongues is the same it is your mouth your lungs and your vocal cords Just push your own lungs to air out over your own vocal cords let what sounds come out whatever they sound like and believe that it is the you just need some Holy Spirit speaking through you I could teach much on this but listen girl when you speak in tongues by haith you magnity God give perhect praise you speak divine secrets you build up your own self in faith and you bring peace and rest to yourself and to whatever you are praying for Know also you may speak in the language of angels but you may also speak in a language of earth like German or French or whatever but you did not know it in your own natural mind Just try it girl and believe it IS God speaking through you He needs it more than you do Write a comment He is constantly posting right-wing craziness and religious babble! Meme

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