ll AT&T 5G E 1211 AM 1% rAskReddit uEskildDood 7h Redditors with thin walls what have you heard in your apartment? Discussion 1Share 233k 60k BEST COMMENTS oldmuttsysadmin 5h partridge69 7h Craven_Hellsing S 3h My parents told me stories about the apartment they lived in when i was a baby The lady above us was a classically trained pianist and her music room was above my room Apparently when i would start crying in my crib she would start playing and i would go right to sleep After my parents divorced my dad stayed in the same apartment A few years later when i went to visit him i was about 10 or 11 i got to finally meet her for the first time The woman who used to play me to sleep as a baby taught me how to play the piano ten years later Add a comment Very wholesome indeed via rwholesomememes httpsifttt2YYEoLZ Meme

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