ll T-Mobile 1120 PM 22% 10 September 5 2013 Ladies and men if you know this -P Best place to buy vegan cosmetics beauty products? Makeup shampoo face wash lotion etc Also any favorite brands that could be found at any grocerydrug store? I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all the specialty brands I'm finding online -S Like Comment Be the first to like this Target has a nice selection! 5yLike And Sephora at JC Penny's carries Tarte makeup! y Like I like Eco Sevi for haircare They are small company and their products are awesome Look them up on facebook They have a lovely page Skincare well I'm a do it yourself kind of a guy Japanese Washing Grains for me Costs me all of about two dollars every six months or so That's my skincare and I moisturize with jojoba oil 5y Like Did you ever find a vegan cruelty free skincare hair care makeup line? I'ma local consultant for Arbonne which carries vegan cruelty free botanically based results driven skincare hair care make-up bath & body nutrition I have free samples if you'd like to give it a try? 4h、Like O Write a comment GIF 3 Stitch It This hun is commenting on 5 year-old posts in a local FB group 🤦‍♀️ Meme

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