ll Verizon LTE 911 AM 54% Tweet Donald J Trump @realDonaldT 3h Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform without restriction It's called Freedom of Speech remember You are making a Giant Mistake! L2193K 151K 648K Tony Posnanski @tonyposnanski Replying to @realDonaldTrump You blocked me for saying Miracle Whip was more popular than you and I had to sue you to get unblocked Let's slow down on Freedom Of Speech 550 AM 6919 Twitter for iPhone 963 Retweets 7289 Likes Tweet your reply thoughts-of-an-x-factor biokitty Also Twitter is not the government It is a private company and has the right to disallow certain speech on its platform ban any user it wants and monitor the content users are sharing Twitter banning you is not a violation of freedom of speech I want to remind people that Trump has routinely attempted to demonize any media outlets that disagree with him andor his inner circle He has gone as far as attempting to have certain news outlets banned from his presidential press conferences He has actively sought to suppress free speech in the USA… but now he intends to invoke it because a private company refuses to provide a platform to nazis? Meme

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