Locked SIM 85% 1201 AM a oldredditcom ATTENTION TO ALL LODEDDIPER USERS WHO HAVE STARTED POSTING WITHIN 2 MONTHS ONLY tHEM THOUGH self LodedDiper 14 Submitted 8 days ago by Just_An_Irishboi 81 comments share save hide delete nsfw spoiler flair crosspost sorted by best? disable inbox replies 2 pin to profie 个 H grami-tw zoo Wee Moderator! M 1 point 7 days ago I hope it's not too late to tell you that I will be taking immediate action and suspending Drop from my subreddit I will also be notifying the authorities the FBI CIA police departments and Judge Judy I have connections They will be launching a full scale investigation into this I appreciate your concern permalink embed save report give award replied this I appreciate your A I-Just_An_Irishboi s 1 point just novw It's not to late because I have comment notifications orn permalink save parent edit disable inbox replies delete reply BOIS WE WON DROP IS BEING SUSPENDED DROP LOST Meme

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