lonely-gfd-cutie So at one of my jobs I work with this really nice woman named Liz who has an equally nice boyfriend Thing is I don't know the boyfriends name because Liz only addresses him as boytoy The term boytoy is used so frequently to describe him that not only does she have no problem using that term but neither do any of her coworkers including myself One day Liz told me that he would be stopping by and when some dude with a beard came through the door I looked at him and said Mrtoy I presume And he just looks at me and goes The very one Fucking eh Relationship goals windsorhornelockwoodiii For some reason I read Mrtoy I presume in a British accent and I love how the boyfriend knows that he is referred to as boytoy and is totally chill with it Source lonely-gfd-cutie 62177 notes Oct 24th 2018 Theyre playing for keeps Meme

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