Look at them they come to this place when they know they are not having fun The Tenno use other games but they are getting salty Only I Vor know the true power of understanding frustration I played breach DEAR GOD BREACH! but through my Steam Library Warframe called to me It brought me a chance to ease up and here I was reborn We cannot blame these players they are being destroyed by an unfriendly spammer an explative who knows not the secrets of balanced and fun matches Behold the FH playerbase come to continue getting angry at a game and create an undending cycle of frustration My brothers did I not tell of this day? Did I not prophesize relaxed and ready to have fun rebern through the energy of the chill game Forever bound to are having a bad time then they will quit For Honor and wait for Warframe toipdate It is ti space ninja bullshit of Warframe They will learn it's simple truth The frutrad players are lost and they will resist But I Vor will cleanse this place of it's salt this moment? Now I will help them Now I à joyi g my games Let it be known that if the players will show these new Warframe players the hype-ass Just a PSA from your friendly neighborhood Vorty about what to do if you start feeling frustrated Meme

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