look at us two Jews on a dating app we really are the future of the jewish people damn as probable distant cousins it's our duty to reproduce be the Eve to my Adam and ruin my fucking life tbh I want u to enter me two by two like I'm fuckin Noah's arc baby There's a flood comino i want you to ride me long and hard just like the Jews rode out of Egypt Sent when ur about to cum I'm gonna whisper let my people go in ur ear u can spend 40 days AND 40 nights in this ass daddy FUcK that's good i'd fuck you so hard we'd have to kill our firstborn jesus that one felt dark the Bible was fucked man i want all 12 plagues Wait is it 10 Shit I can't remember I think it's 10 but now u got me fucked up 1 sec let me text my rabbi Stitch It <-- this is my rabbis number u can ask him Really smooth Really good It was a team effort but we got there that's probably what you'll say after we fuck Sent I will undoubtedly high five u Type a messen GIF Stitch It! Dont Jewish Your Tinder Match Was Hot Like Me Meme

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