lorcalhost ChristmasSpiritBreaker-andNewYears Too OUnwatch3 Star 70 Fork 3 > Code ①Issues 2 n Pull requests o 뻔Projects 0 EEWiki lliinsights *Settings Python script which automatically sends ChristmasNew Year's messages from a custom messages list on Whatsapp Facebook Messenger or via SMS in a given time range to a custom contacts list Time to work smart not hard Manage topics Edit ⓡ 32 commits 1 branch 1 release 1 contributor GPL-30 Branch master ▼ New pull request Create new fileUpload filesFind file Clone or download Latest commit e3732de 9 days ago 20 days ago 9 days ago 15 days ago 16 days ago 16 days ago 16 days ago 16 days ago lorcalhost Added video guide LICENSE E READMEmd Initial commit Added video guide Fixed sysargv1 out of range error Text enhancement Fixed few mistakes here and there ready for v10 release Fixed few mistakes here and there ready for v10 release Fixed few mistakes here and there ready for v10 release christmasSpiritBreakerpy 目configpy 自messengerCSBpy smsCSBpy - whatsappCSBру 目目READMEmd Christmas Spirit Breaker and New Years Too Are you tired of having to manually write and send christmas texts to everyone on christmas to mantain a good relationship with them? Do you want to be the annoying person who is the first one to send Happy new year messages to everyone on your contact list exactly at midnight? Do you want to be a bad boy this christmas season? I got you covered Strongly inspired by my other project RomanceBreaker introducing Christmas Spirit Breaker a python script which automatically sends a custom christmasnew year's greeting message from a custom messages list to your selected contacts you want to mantain good relationships with at given time range on Facebook Messenger WhatsApp or via SMS Time to be bad boys this christmas Work smarter not Harder What you will gain e More time spent with the new body pillow you just received for christmas e More time spent stealing new year's champagne from people who are busy texting their friends Mantain those relationships with friends if you don't send greetings on such events they will know you are not a true friend Magic NEW YOU CAN FIND THE VIDEO INSTALLATION GUIDE HERE Facebook Messenger This New Years steal more of that champagne while your friends are texting be a real programmer Meme

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