Lord I can't win this battle with my own strength I need you Jesus the ar We all have battles we are fighting to overcome in our lives and sometimes we tend to forget that it takes the power of God to help us overcome We go in search of solution based on man advice and opinions And we forget that some battles are not just physical the are spiritual so we try by our own physical strength to overcome and we keep on failing everytime Let me tell you something today We can't overcome addiction depression anxiety fear lust and every single obstacle that the devil has set before us by our strength It takes God power and strength in you to do so Doctors may have their opinions on how to overcome your depression and anxiety but it will fail you It takes Jesus to set free and truly free Popping pills is not your solution --- JESUS IS Rehabilitation centers is not the solution -- JESUS IS Daily therapy is not the solution --- JESUS IS Jesus is the solution to every single problem that you are facing Accept him into your life and ask for his help and strength to see you through and he will Amen God bless you -Joshua Joseph Meme

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