losangelesconfidential Went from a rapist in 2016 to tryna be a crip in 2017 to running the bloods in NY in 2018& actually got niggas co-signing this fuckin weirdo ??? NEW YORK cannot be down wit this fuckery it's a misrepresentation of what NY really is & LA niggas ain't tolerating no more disrespect PERIOD not to the city the culture or either sides of the flag !! It's REAL NIGGAS out here dying in the streets behind this shit you false bangin You got the 69 from giving niggas head while they gave you head lil weirdo & brooklyn niggas made you dye ya hair cuz you was they bitch how long you thought you was gone get away wit this charade ??? Fucked up thing is little kids out here following this weirdo & gone end up hurt tryna be what they think this bum is & them bloods you paying to hide behind gone disappear when that lil money run out then you gone have to stand behind all the shit you talkin on ya own the jig is up #Teryaki69 #RainbowBrite #TheDiaperSniper This my last post about thishad to let the world know who this bum really is & some of y'all gone say leave him alone he's just a kid lol stop talkin grown man shit & stay in a kids place then lil mothafucka! Ain't no fakin blood on my watch!!!! REAL NIGGAS EVERYWHERE on ya head Daniel stop fakin & save ya life boy before somebody catch you when you & me both know that's not what you really want The best advice I can give yo lil weird ass TheGame has some more words for Tekashithoughts? πŸ˜³πŸ€” @LosAngelesConfidential @6ix9ine_ WSHH Meme

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