lost-password-deactivated201605 to all the boys on tumblr you are not born a sexistmisogynist you are not born a rapist you are not born an abuser you can change learn grow you deserve as much body positivity as girls do your body image issues and the eating disorders you may have are real and are valid * if you're trans you are in no way a if you're trans you are not worse than you can be abused by women too misogynist for being who you are trans women you are equal it's okay to cry you aren't weak for that do not let this stupid site tell you that you're worthless scum you're cute * you deserve support i'm here for ya thatguyfromyournightmares Good to see posts like this among the muck that says otherwise Thanks achamarsch IM CUTE gay-n-lame if you're a boy your mental disorders and eating disorders are just as valid your pain is real and you are not alone kittylirious shoutout to boys with deformities toco shoutout to boys with diseases too shoutout to boys we are handsome even if our body isn't perfect aidan-senchak16 Shoutout to the boys who like pink Shoutout to the boys who wanna wear a dress Shoutout to the boys who paint their nails Shoutout to the boys who like being feminine You are not girls for liking these things Trans boys you aren't faking it by liking things like this You are all valid and anyone who says otherwise can go swallow a lemon 290340 notes A message for all the boys Meme

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