loverofmynight azzandra swampgallows shamanofthewilds An orcish example of their tapetum lucidum which helps them see much better in low light and darkness same as any other living creature that possesses it It’s why certain animals eyes seem to glow in the dark or reflect light Just another interesting part of orcs and why I love them i love this post and i think about it every day of my life i wish i could remember what book it was i think one of the older books maybe lord of the clans or the last guardian but i remember reading about orcs’ above-average night vision and always wanted to see it reflected ha! in game it’s one of my favorite little tidbits about orcs like how they have very dark red blood resulting in the alliance calling them “blackbloods” in the original warcraft games oooh it makes me so excited for reforged!! but i’m also a little nervous to see what they might retcon X There’s a bit in “Lord of the Clans” about Thrall’s superior night vision during the sequence where he escapes Durnhold at night I DIDNT KNOW THEY HAD THIS!! @momolady DID YOU KNOW THEY HAD DIS?!? @dasspaghettimonster Meme

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