Lovers of Pompeii were in fact two young men ebxsh2oUKIDE 1023 am 09 Apr 17 100 RETWEETS 69 LIKES the-gaminggoblin antiqeel paul-danka-memes commodus-the-great moscateaux blackness-by-your-side waiting for people to call them the “Friends of Pompeii” Let them be gay! It was actually very common for people in Italy and even Greece in that time period to be gay or bisexual The armies would let men find same sex lovers to fight along side during war because they believed they’d fight harder if they were fighting with the one they loved Many of those relationships were still kept after battles gays?!?!?!??! A MODERN IDEA NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE EVER Gay’s!?!? In my history!?!?! It’s more likely than you think… Meme

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