LPA to look at gnificance Is forcing the EPA htical processes and actors? greenhouse gas es an appropriate role for the Cou ning Doc usation trine Application Who has the better of the arguments and reme dy? On the injury prong why would the Court foo damage rather than the public health or environmen on property rs that underlie statutes like the Clean Air Act? mponents I n Spokeo v Robins 136 S Ct 1540 2016 the Co held that an injury in fact Statutory viola consider whether harm must be both 1 concrete and 2 particulariz tions alone are not enough for standing - an Article III court was sufficiently concrete and particularized to sa constitutional minimum standards The case was remanded for reconsiderati whether there was a constitutionally sufficientconcrete harm Bold One t Generalized Grievances In Lance v Cofman 549 US 437 2007 ourt dismissed an election challenge on standing grounds stating that plaintiffs here are four Colorado voters The only injury plaintiffs alle that the law-specifically the Elections Clause-has not been followed election in which they voted This injury is precisely the kind of undifferent generalized grievance about the conduct of government that we have refu countenance in the past It is quite different from the sorts of injuries alle plaintiffs in voting rights cases where we have found standing Because pl assert no particularized stake in the litigation we hold that they lack stan bring their Elections Clause claim How do the plaintiffs in Baker vC Vieth v Jubelirer which follow differ from the plaintiffs in Lance? Political Questions BAK ER v CARR 369 US 186 1962 MR JUSTICE BRENNAN delivered the opinion of the Court Between 1901 and 1961 Tennessee has experienced subst IThe complaint llege growth and redistribution of her population because of the population changes since 1900 and the failure k** rr egislature to reapportion itself since 1901 the 1901 statute b unconstitutional and obsolete Appellants also argue that becau composition of the legislature effected by the 1901 Apportionme redress in the form of a state constitutional amendment to change the mechanism for reapportioning or any other change short of that is d r impossible *** Tlhey seek a declaration that the 1901 stat Meme

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