Lucius Lucifer 1 day ago 9billions destructive 2 legs idiots on this poor planet Why not neuter them and give this wonderful world a chance to recover from this very bad viral infection called human being? REPLY Lazy Reaper 18 hours ago LR @DangerX6 Angel9 He's trying to tell you that if they don't get spayedneutered then there'll be overpopulation and that can be bad for kittens seeing as they wound up in dangerous places sometimes if not supervised There's no other option whether you like it or not I'm surprised how you haven't yet noticed that before you posted your posts on this comment section And you sound like a Karen REPLY DangerX6 Angel9 11 hours ago @Lazy Reaper Well humans need to be cut down in half then Overpopulation of cats an why not ?! If it's bad for kittens why are humans being in tjis world and breeders being around for ?! Tell me that Cats mate twice a year they are not people Well Then they need to be in a place so they won't end up in horrible places Why cat's have to be supervised ?! Why people can't be supervised No other option ?! So you rather be like the rest being lazy can't find natural homes have them be bred an then spread lies and murder cats ?! It's not about liking it or not It's about God who you have to be in front of Show less REPLY DangerX6 Angel9 11 hours ago @Lazy Reaper Who in the hell is karen ??! Haven't noticed what ?! REPLY DangerX6 Angel9 10 hours ago I see that most of you humans like to murder and have other murder cats You should wonder if NO CATS AT ALL !? What you gonna do hirer a breeder pay a breeder or just continue to spread lies ?! REPLY This week on retard alert entitled person accuses another person of murder! Meme

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