Luckily for us the tooth fairy went out of the grab moment I noticed a microphone lying chair I knew what I had to do then and there find myself back in society Once T got there I went crazier I went around masquerading Sort of interviewer and used the microphone to reveal other people's some tweezers It was during this as some room to nearby on a hea sins I grabbed the microphone and tested it out by saying something The chair knocked over once T finished speaking proving that the microphone for ONE TIME IWENT TO THE BATHROOM AND I DIDN'T WASH MY HANDS magical Once I realized capable of doing I shuck behind the tooth fairy shrunk her with the microphone and apple wnatever reason was what it was then squashed her with Once the others caught up to me and I was doing they used their powers against me It what Saw pretty intense battle Ooftroop drew was a army Jane cloned various objects using the Marbalizer Tallest spawhed random pots and pans Phatbeet used his ninja speed to place traps and Seeming just slapped a piece of tape and that an mouth I should have ended it there left the mic behind and moved on with on my our search But I did not I the end of that Was Ijust HAD to see what else the mic could do I weht crazy with the its power and ran outside I started out small going around Fortune Forest and shrinking random objects But then T managed to The Search For Jeff Kinney - Part 5 Meme

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