LUKE FISHER PT l G LEGION S P R O D U C T I O N 2017 2011 🔥😳INCREDIBLE TRANSFORMATION! Founder 👉 @king_khieu 2011 to 2017 Night and day Luke People say it's too hard to do it I did this transformation whilst suffering from a brain tumour and having it removed Check out my YouTube video on my page it explains the journey through the tumour and bodybuilding with pictures 💪 Nothing is impossible! Thoughts? 🤔Opinions? What do you guys think? COMMENT BELOW! Athlete @luke_fisher_pt TAG SOMEONE who needs to lift! _________________ Looking for unique gym clothes? Use our 10% discount code LEGIONS10🔑 on Ape Athletics 🦍 fitness apparel! The link is in our 👆 bio! _________________ Principal 🔥 account @fitness_legions Facebook ✅ page Legions Production @legions_production🏆🏆🏆 Meme

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