Luna us in need of a home…her Mom that loved her passed away Facebook friends I need your help Many of you know my mother passed away in April Among the many loved ones she left behind was her beloved cat Luna Luna is a 7 yr old part Siamese cat who loved my mother and her quiet surroundings very much She loves to spend her days snuggled on laps or curled up on the couch I have been fostering Luna in my home where she is very stressed and unhappy living with two dogs a noisy bird and 2 guinea pigs She would be happiest living in a home without dogs I’m not sure how she would be with other cats as she has never been exposed to other felines If you can give Luna a forever home please PM me She is fixed Has no health issues Has been an indoor cat vetted all along I have all of her vet records My contact number is 518-248-3961 Thank you for your help Meme

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