lunulata I think my favorite panic-fueled response to a petitioner was when someone came up to me in Union Square and said Hi would you care to sign our petition for LGBT rights? and I just blurted out T'm already gay and the person taken aback said Well that's nice and I said It really is Goodbye and just walked into the closest store to escape raptorific one time l was on my way to a final and this clipboard person was aggressively trying to stand in my way and saying excuse me sir can you take just one minute? and I was like I'm sorry I'm on my way to a final and they said just takes a minute to save a mountain and I panicked because clearly the truth of why I had to go wasn't working so l just said the first thing that came to mind which was Sorry I hate mountains lunulata This is maybe my favorite response to this post holy shit euripidesredux My favorite of these from the other side of the clipboard-back when I was canvassing for GreenPeace I had a co-worker that would switch back and forth between help fight global warming?- and at the end of a very long hard day on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago he blurted out to someone Hey you want to help me fight a whale? Hey you want to help save a whale? and Hey you want to Source lunulata Call me Ishmael Meme

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