LVE SUBCOUNT James Charles Tati 3925378 VS 8952515 ube Live Subscriber Count-Powered by SocialBiadecom fore the sister ship hit the iceberg 16572826 of note Urbeautyguruchatter from ugulfax Tube Live Subscriber Count-Powered by SocialBlade Before James un-sistering himself 5908733 100k wow Thank you so so much for supporting my channel <3 lost 15m subscribers and counting gained 2 million subscribers as of 512 hit 85m a of 512 apology video entered the 50 most disliked videos on YouTube ds the record for most subs qained in a day olds the record for most subs lost in a day check the description for a quick summary to read what happened 157208 follow on insta actualtea4real But this does put a smile on my face James Charles has kissed you! Meme

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