lweet A Boogie @BoogieBankss 22h I had a chick go behind my car and text her homegirl my plate number before she got in the car with me 58 163 415 @saintcleopatra 17h Did you enjoy your date? O 1 04 A Boogie @BoogieBankss Replying to @saintcleopatra I left her ass there and went home lol Not taking no woman nowhere that's doin all that 71717 322 PM 23 Retweets 25 Likes itsgonnabeacoldwinter-soldier furbytheminx dandridgegirl adreamdeferred dynastylnoire blackgirloutrage2 PAY ATTENTION! This is how you weed out the men who deserve your time and the ones that don’t These dudes are literally telling you who they are but y'all refuse to listen Your safety comes first I’m in a FB group where dudes 30 and older were having full tantrums over this post These are the same guys that admit Not deleting nudes post break up Not believing when women that were sexually assaulted Not believing sex with a partner that is sleeping is rape Etc Please do not date people that take issue with your protecting yourself i deadass took a picture of my dates license and sent to my homegirls in the gc and turned on my location yea you cool but it’s always about me and my safety Men who aren’t trash should already know this is commonplace One of my last dates even offered to take a picture together for my safety text Men who get mad when women try to protect themselves are just telling on themselves nothing more All you people out there talking about “spreading my private information” like you don’t drive around with your liscense plate out there for everyone and their mom to see all day every day Sit down Shut up She didn’t ask for your social security number you absolute acorn Your plates are public knowledge Meme

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