lycanthropuns everreading lycanthropuns stay away fromcanniballecter lycanthropuns Sirius shouting LUPINT everytime Remus walks in the room and LUPOUT everytime Remus leaves lupout remus whispers to himself with a smirk on his face his last word before hes reunited with his dear friend once more whAT IS WRONG WITH YOU After he dies and climbs aboard the train he's walks down to the compartment where he and the lads used to sit When he opens the door he's looking at his feet cause he's just so confused about what the hell is going on but then Lupin He looks to that young rebellious boy smirking mischievously at him and what do I have do to you stop this joke? and Sirius just sighs smiles brighter than ever and it's so obvious isn't it? Who would have said a smart guy like you took the entire life to understand? Just never leave ••••••• currently binge reading fremione fics Meme

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