lys-love-heart tomfuckinmison formofimagination Ok so here's personal story time I went to Disney World Magic Kingdom today wearing this pink and white sun dress and my hair was in soft curls My hair is sort of long but you can't really tell that from the picture Anyway we were walking around for a little while and then this mother walked up to 's me holding her daughter hand At first I kind of got nervous because l don't just get randomly talked to on the norm But then the mother kind of embarrassingly said I don't mean to bother you dear but my daughter here has been asking me non stop since she's seen you if you were Sleeping Beauty and if it's your day off Ok now I do not look like any Disney Princess So l assumed she only thought this because of my hair and dress I would imagine if Sleeping Beauty were walking around Disney in the summertime on her day off she would wear a pink sun dress Or blue lol I looked down at the daughter who was wearing a Sleeping Beauty kids dress and she was kind of hiding behind her mom and smiling So instead of telling her no this is what I did l bent down to my knees so l could be on her level and I said Oh Princess you must have just woken up for behaving so silly Obviously you are Princess Aurora you are Princess Aurora aren't you? I pointed to her dress It really is an honor to meet y Disney Princess By now she was giggling and moving out from behind her mom But I have to warn you I heard that an evil sorceress is out to get you so be careful Make sure you be safe and stay away from spinning wheels! I looked up at the girl's mother who had the biggest smile on her face Ok Princess you better get back to running the kingdom And remember to always keep dreaming! The girl then gave me a hug When they were walking away the mother turned back to me and I noticed her eyes were watery She mouthed thank you ou You're my favorite And that ladies and gentlemen gave me the most satisfying feeling I have ever had last time i went to disney land someone mistook me for a trash collector just spit everywhere Two kinds of people Cute story Meme

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