m4gOrtz thorinsmut a blog follows me* me an aged monarch lounging on my fur-strewn throne gesturing for my servant to bring me my monacle Bring them here! Bring them here I say Let me look at them guards *drag the unwitting blog before me* me peering intently at the new blog and poking them with my scepter Is this a real person? Hmm? What have you to say for yourself? What are your fandoms? Your interests? Speak up these old ears aren't what they used to be guards tentatively they do seem to be a real person sire We found them in possession of several memes and a fandom rant me subsiding back into my sumptuous furs and waving them away most extraordinary It has been an age since there was a real person but just as well the dungeons have been overflowing with those tacky pornbots This newcomer may remain in my domain Make them welcome And fetch me a quill! I feel a ficlet coming on This is so funny I can't stand it The fact that this just came on my dash 'Recommended' a full 14 days post-female- presenting-tiddy ban speaks unholy truths about the current state of this hellsite Reblogged 1 day ago from m4gOrtz originally from thorinsmut 111850 notes So hows tumblr doing in the new year? Meme

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