Ma 29 September ZU1O at 0900 Does anyone else if they had the money would build a mansion like in resident evil where you need chess pieces to open doors and all the puzzles or am i weird like that 4 2 comments Share Like 21 Jeprember 2016 at 0854 Why is it when you are feeling rough and get some OTC medicine you start to feel better before you take it is it placebo effect anticipating the feeling better Share 26 September 2016 at 0828 WHY do people not understand I do the research i get the latest information then people who are supposed to be experts say things that are obviously WRONG and i am supposed to accept it Share 23 eptember 2016 at 1000 Had a Thought if someone killed a person and it is proved without doubt that the person who did it should get the lifespan of the person killed or potential lifespan Share Four thoughts for Meme

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