MAA A Brighter View IMPORTANT NOTICE June 17 2019 Dear Valued Residents On Tuesday June 18th andor Wednesday June 19th a technician from Neatnik Services will be entering your apartment to perform annual inspections on your fireplace and chimney Please note that these inspections are mandatory and cannot be rescheduled Please ensure the following 1 All fireplaces must be easily accessible No furniture televisions etc may be blocking the fireplaces o inspection day 2 Pet owners All pets must be confined to a crate bedroom or bathroom on these days f your fireplace can not be inspected because these guidelines are not followed there will be a $5000 escheduling fee charged to your account lease do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions Our best regards Allison Sarah Lewis and Cody V Hampton Pointe Less than 12 hrs notice Not cool Meme

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