@Maddierawrk My brother died from depression He also frequently exercised had supportive friendsfamily was successful in school & in work He had goals that he was constantly reaching- he still killed himself People who are depressed are not weak minded- they are sick Understand this hopedefeatedourfantasy beyoncescock a lot of us will reblog this and think “wow i need to check on people” or “i need to make people feel loved” but 99% of us will end up not doing it because we are not used to doing it and it’ll be weird for us to start doing it out of nowhere BUT everyone needs support love and understanding not because a person looks happy does it mean they no longer need help lets all reach out to our loved ones by at least calling them hi or checking up on them its not too late to make a good change sure it might be weird in the beginning but trust me they will see that you care and it will make not only their day but possibly also their life and it can even change others to start checking on their loved ones Breaking the reblog button Meme

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