made with What's your favorite thing about me? View all 493 comments BThat you dont wear much ldk you haha cant say what my fav part is Im assuming your asking for superficial answers Superficially you look sexy cute bad but you've heard those blasé answers 1000x Why still ask seek approval assurance acceptance in the form of likes comments and compliments? The ego seeks approval and assurance Why? the ego is insecure it needs likes or comments for reassurance The attention gives the egoyou a false sense of temporary confidence masked in the form of arrogance in an attempt to make up for its insecurity When one is confident they do not seek assurance or aproval its sure of it self it knows And so the selfyou never questions its self in the first place I he self seeks no approval or acceptance It cares not what others think of it nor can it be phased by what others think lts confidence Cant be broken It need not speak or say a word when self confident it exudes from you like energy people can feel it when your in their presencee When we care what others think of us we're saying that there opinion of our selves is more important than our own opinion of our self or who we know our selves to be And thats the same as saying our word is worthless Your hot af but you know that already came back to write a paragraph after no response from commenting her @ three times on his own post Meme

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