magine having to charge your book this post was made bv amazonkindle Greenland or right-whale he is the best existing authority But Scoresby knew nothing and says nothing of the great sperm whale compared with which the Greenland whale is almost unworthy mentioning And here be it said that the Greenland whale is an usurper upon the throne of the seas He is not even by any means the largest of the whales Yet owing to the long priority of his claims and the profound ignorance which till some seventy years back invested the then fabulous or utterly unknown sperm-whale and which ignorance to this present day still reigns in all but some few scientific retreats and whale-ports this usurpation has been every way complete Reference to nearly all the leviathanic allusions in the great poets of past days will satisfy you that the Greenland whale without one rival was to them the monarch of the seas But the time has at last come for a new proclamation This is Charing Cross hear ye! good people all-the Greenland whale is deposed the great sperm whale now reigneth! paper booK gang There are only two books in being which at all pretend to put the living sperm whale before you and at the same time in the remotest degree succeed in the attempt Those books are Beale's and Bennett's both in their time surgeons to English South-Sea whale-ships and both exact and reliable men The original matter touching the sperm whale to be found in their volumes is necessarily small but so far as it goes it is of excellent quality though 25% Locations 2384-94 9444 Home Back before reading it Gang gang Meme

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