major impact in the tood world EAN CAN HART MAIN Hart Main 17 was so fed up with his sister's flowery candles a few years ago that he decided to make his own He created ManCans candles with rugged smells like campfire or coffee that come in soup cans To collect the cans Hart buys soup and donates the contents to homeless shelters He sells his candles online and to date he has provided 80000 meals to soup kitchens in four ee more ing culinary states man-canscom Rachael vs ids Cook-Off emiering gust 17 at MIKAILA ULMER Deleting all comments because only in this site you will find people throwing shit at a 17 year old boy who has voluntarily fed 80 000 people by starting his Fearless and Beautiful reevaluate their life TBH i would so buy a campfire scented candle Meme

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