MAKE Early Golden age meme pinwheel background Impact Text MORE MEMES MAKE Golden Age memes use specific photos which have specific memetic translations of Late Golden age Just Photo Impact Text Transitional meme Photo from tumblr instagram twitter or facebook with an accompanying text often added just for emphasis At the transitional stage memes here include reactions that encourage the reader into what it means or how it is 1'm sure this means something but don ask me what dog When you show your mom a pic on your phone and she starts swiping Silver Age meme When Back to School commercials start coming on but you're not a teacher or a kid so you don't give a shit photo with text in arial-design is reminiscent of a twitter post At this age the photo is the supplement rather than the defining characteristic The text rather than the photo provides meaning UBER eats New Age meme Photos only very little text At this age the meme no longer requires text for definitive suppliment The meaning is expressed by memetic definition and The photos are self-explanatoriy and the meaning is expressed by multiple connected frames Text if used gives context only Are you smart? Spelit Late Stage meme nuked memes deep fried memes surreal memes These are not meant to pass on memetic meaning but instead are entirely based on absurd and contextual humor They are often not made to communicate thought No only be on ou ust I am currently studying memes academically I thought you might enjoy the current proposed ages of internet memes by PonyToast MORE MEMES Meme

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