MAKE YOUR OWN ENDGAME SPOILERS In Endgame #1 First letter of your first name A Ant-Man Black Panther C Captain America D Doctor Strange E Hulk llron Man M Captain Marvel N Nebula Q Star-LordR Rocket Raccoon S Spider-Ma T Thor U Gamora Y Scartet Witch Z Thanos H Hawkeye P Stan Lee Winte SoldierX Nick Fury F Falcon J Black Widow G Groot War MachineLoki 0 Okoye V Valkyrie 9GAG #2 Last meal you ate Breakfast hammere Breakfast hammered Lunch smashd Dinner body-shamed Dinner body-shamed #3 First letter of your last name A AquamaB Buzz Lightyear C Captain Levi D Doctor Who E Edna ModeF The Flash GGandalf H Harry Potter l Indiana Jones J Jack Spro K KakashiL The Lion King MMarty McFly N Neo Q Pikachu U Goku Y Yoda 0 Obi Wan S Sherlock P Professor Sna T T-1000 R R2-D2 V Darth VaderW WoodyX Xenomorph Z Saitama Thor smashed Pikachu⚡️ Meme

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