MAKE YOUR OWN RULES Create your own rules to be successful in your business life but don’t forget to include this 3!👇 Rule 1 If it ain’t broke then don't fix it For the entrepreneur the temptation to innovate and try new things is strong and you should but it’s also treacherous territory to forget that your customers buy from you for a reason Rule 2 Always increase your confidence The playing not-to-lose mindset comes from fear Fear that you can’t keep up with the competition Fear that future changes are going to crush your success Confidence gives you the will to perform at the top of your ability as opposed to the not-to-lose mindset of just playing it safe So increase your confidence by taking time to celebrate your successes Rule 3 Attack obstacles that get in your way You can choose to see an obstacle as a chance to prove your abilities and grow or you can sit back and ask “Why does this always happen to me?” You can choose to say “I’ll do whatever it takes and I know I’ll find a way” or you can just ponders the “what ifs” Starting today remember to take time to reflect on what got you here And use that to build your confidence so that you can attack and overcome any obstacle in your way 🔥 - rules life success millionairementor Meme

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