Make your own sentence ea confused cookie Step 2 your birthdate 1 Lord Voldemort 2 an old cat 3 Li Wayne 4 Taylor Swift 5 a drunk lady 6 the tooth fairy 7 my best friend 8 a homeless guy 24 a paper bag 9 a monkey 10 a down 11 a puppet 12 a drug dealer 13 Harry Potter 14 a vacuum dleaner 30 Pedobear 15 Santa Claus 16 my grandma Step 1 your birthday month January I got kicked out of Wal-Mart with February I took a shower with March I have nightmares about April I punched May I licked June I think I am July I used to date August I killed September I wrote a letter to October I'm deeply in love with November I went to McDonalds with December I named my cat after 17 Barack Obama 18 Robert Pattinson 19 Miley Cyrus 20 Eminem 21 Chuck Norris 22 Usher 23 my bathing suit 25 Oprah 26 my maths teacher 27 a gangster 28 my future husband 29 Niall Horan 31 Justin Bieber's mom Step 3 your shirť's colour red because i smoked crack black because im a ninja blue because i ran out of other things white because im a stripper Deal with it to do purple because my friend told me to dots because i felt like it no shirt because the voices in my head tokd yellow because im sexy like that orange because i love drama green because im single pink because i was bom that way gray because i was homy Reinvented by PurpleDino2021 for 1Funny me to others because i was dropped on the head as a child thanny mobi I TOOK A SHOWER WITH My bathing suit because the voices in my head told me to TASTE OF AWESOMECOM Banned in 0 countries I GOT KICKED OUT OF Walmart with Harry Potter because I'm a ninja I win TASTE OF AWESOMECOM The #2 most addicting site I Got Kicked Out Ofhttpomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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