Makes eye contact with literally The Chad Subway ride The Virgin taking the subway Phone on absolute everyone on the train maximum volume gets calls from his friends every Paranoid that everyone is Chies watching him three minutes Awkwardly shuffles in Strides in high fives Tries to stay completely still to avoid bothering anyone everyone Chews and crunches his chips loudly to Stands if he can't find a seat that isn't make as much noise as Ouch! Puts bag on other seat to avoid next so someone Only finds seats that are possible people sitting next to him next to someone Sets ringtone to silent to avoid it making sound even though only his mom calls him Sits on top of people if there are no seats Refuses to eat his chips to avoid making noise or drawing attention Collosal body takes up four seats Tries to take up as little space as possible Stares at phone or the ground to look occupied Changes sitting position every 0000000000001 nanoseconds Terrified of accidentally farting Only stays for two or three stops before becoming nervous and getting squeezes ass cheeks to prevent accidental farts off Doesn't even get off at his stop loves riding the train Proudly lets all his massive farts loose lights the seat on fire My first meme post Meme

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