MAN AND THE MANUKE APES Order Primates GIBBON These higher primates originated in the warmer parts of the Eastern Hemisphere They are alike in such skeletal features as the enlarged brain cavity number of teeth and lack of tail Each kind is specialized for a particular way of life which is reflected in the relative proportions of the arms and legs the way the head is carried and the normal Hylobates moloch posture GORILLA GORILLAS&CHIMPANZEES Gorillagoll are essentially ground-dwelling apes retaining considerable climbing ability In the normal four-limbed posture the arms assist the legs in weight-bearing and locomotion but are partially freed for handling and carrying objects The backbone inclines at an angle and an erect posture simulating that of man may be assumed for brief periods GIBBONS &ORANGUTANS live in the canopies of trees and use their long arms for locomotion legs play a minor role The light slender gibbon throws it- self from branch to branch in spectacu- lar treetop leaps the massive orangutan clambers more slowly and carefully through the branches The MAN ORANGUTAN sapiens Pongo pygmaeus or ect legs CHIMPANZEE Pan troglodytes Me and the boys 4000000 BC Colorized Meme

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