Man sends wife a spreadsheet of all the times she denied him sex EJ Dickson- 2014-07-18 0618 pm I Last updated 2017-03-08 DATE EXCUSE SEX? 0 No rm watching the show-Fronds ro-run 1 feol sweaty and grossI need a shower didn't shower untd next morning non-vorbal I'm oxhaustod 14-03-03 14-06-04 14-03-0 14-0609 14-06-10 14-06-11 14-06-12 14-06-13 14-06-16 014-06-1 14-06-19 No Yos No No No No No No No No I'm stil a bit tondor from yostorday non-vorbal I'm trying to watch tho movio foll asloop 15min later I'm too drunk and I ate too much Iwon't have time to get showered and ready for dinner we were 20min earty I just came back from the gym I teel gross didnt shower until next morning non-verbal I have to be up early non-verbal 014-08-20 014-06-21 014-06-22 014-08-27 Youre too drunk I feel gross I'm not feeling good I ate too much I'm sweaty and gross and I'm tired non-vorbal I might bo getting sick 1 stil don't fool 100%- 14-08-29 014-08-30 014-07-0 14-07-03 014-07-04 14-07-0 14-07-00 14-07-10 14-07-11 14-07-12 14-07-13 14-07-14 14-07-16 0 NoInood a showorI toolgross No Yos No No I'm too tired No non-verbal ·I'm watching my show don't want to miss anything Wondering if this qualifies for rdataisbeautiful Meme

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