mandopony trickystarz magicaldisneyplac gonbutnotforgotten eurotrottest atmagicaldis aldis And the winner of the best Halloween costume goes to Peter Pan and his shadow Wish I had a twin to do this with! Ummm pretty sure this is racist oyour shadow then orange?! LMFOOOO0 this is racist and disgusting Not racist! How can a shadow even be the source of racism- firstly shadows don't have a race and secondly everyone's is the same bloody colour- black! People just lookin for reasons to be mad I am black and this is not blackface This is full body paint This is not racist because he is a shadow Do not try and be a social justice blogger with false fire and false information Do not think you are doing a service when you are atually proposing false accusations WELCOME TO TUMBLR - We get offended by shadows! 'sees own shadow on pavement Fuckin racist bastard Shadow Rascism Meme

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