Manga a type of graphic novel represent a widely popular literary genre worldwide and are one of the fastest growing areas of the publishing arena aimed at adolescents in the United States However to our knowledge there has been almost no empirical research examining content or effects of reading manga This article consists of 2 studies Study I represents a content analysis of aggressive behavior in best-selling manga aimed at adoles- cents Results revealed that aggression was common and was often portrayed in ways that may influence subsequent behavior Study 2 examined the relationship between reading manga and aggressive behavior in 223 adolescents Manga readers were more physically aggressive than non-manga readers and also reported more peer relationships with lonel individuals and smaller groups In addition reading manga with particularly high levels of aggression was associated with physical aggression even after controlling for media violence exposure in other media Implications regarding these findings are discussed ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF ME!P S-S-S- 2 SORRY Meme

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