mania is a bitch @SpookyAnarchist anyone else grow up and realize that your excessive reading as a child was actually just a coping mechanism for your incredibly shitty childhood and you stopped reading as much as soon as you escaped or found other things to fill the void? 035 22 Oct 19 Twitter for iPhone 2044 Retweets 8639 Likes biggest-goldiest-spoon wilwheaton afronerdism twitblr Relatable Yes Reading excessively as a child for a lot of us was a form of escapism But part of the reason so many of us struggle to read now is because we based our entire taste in reading on what helped us escape but as we get older and our needs changed a lot of us never adapted our reading tastes So we keep trying to read YA fiction and it just doesn’t hit the way it used to and we assume it’s because we can’t read like we used to but the reality is that we need a new genre of liturature to suit our new life experiences and mature taste I feel very seen right now How dare you call me out like this Meme

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