manintolerant I don't want to make light of incest so I'm not reblogging the post but I laughed at this pic of an inbred royal for like 5 minutes his body did not contain a single drop of blood short his heart was the size of a peppercom his lungs corroded ame epileptic senile his intestines rotten and gangrenous he had a single testicle black as coal completely bald before 35 always on the verge of death he is head was fullof wae repeatedly bafiled Christendom b live blood-on-my-french-fries Oh Charles II the Spanish monarchy at it's finest We called him The Bewitched because calling him The fuckup was illegal manintolerant Fuududjijffjuffi manintolerant His life was memorably summarised by John Langdon-Davies as follows We are dealing with a man who died of poison two hundred years before he was born If birth is a beginning of no man was it more true to say that in his beginning was his end From the day of his birth they were waiting for his death22 This dude's Wikipedia page is Absolutely Brutal Meme

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