marinermo instant-oatmeal archibanfkimble harry potter au where dumbledore is replaced by ron swanson Son did you or did you not place your name in this stupid fire cup? Welcome back to school children This year your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher will be this woman from the Ministry of Magic Why the government is interfering in the affairs of a private institution is beyond me If you have any complaints please do not bring them to me End of speech It has come to my attention that certain of you have gotten into the habit of guessing the password to my office and coming to bother me at your own convenience thus demonstrating to me that you don't understand the purpose of a password Which was to keep all of you out And so henceforth you are all put on notice there is no longer a password You are simply barred from entering There may or may not be traps and a strong possibility of death for those who ignore this notice and trespass anyway Attempt it at your own peril Thank you Magical Parks and Recreation Meme

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