Marissa 21 Dog Mom O 8 miles awav Marketing Maior Used to sell Smarties in middle school Coffee craft beer & wine lover Major foodie Love being outside and enjoying nature Insta Marissa Shakespearean sonnet coming your way I just need a topic to write about Sunday 1237 AM Me lol Sunday 1154 AM She moves with grace and elegance of class Expressing she's a lover of good wine Now I feel envious of just a glass Doth Malbec know it's held by hands so fine? No student could resist a Smartie sold Unable to refuse a tasty treat Did they think that they bought a treasure gold? Espy her smile nothing is as sweet She walks on nature trail in morning's light Marissa staring out at gorgeous view Return to home and still you'll see the sight In truth the gorgeous view was always you So there she stands perhaps too fine a catch A top-tier dog-mom foodie Tinder match Sunday 1025 PM Omg this was actually so good! Sunday 1106 PM Just wait till you read the first letter of each line Today 1142 PM LMAO OMG GIF Type a message Poor Marissa never underestimate deceptively emotional sonnets Meme

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