marlene when-in-doubt-sing arbitraryimposition thebutchriarchy Medusa with the Head of Perseus Luciano Garbati 2008 I adore how she carries his head low at her side and not aloft in triumph This is not a self-aggrandizing hero lauding her great deed This is a woman who wanted to be left the fuck alone Also look at her body The double hips The asymetrical boobs She’s thin but she’s realistic as hell That’s a real woman And the look in her eyes Damn I originally saw photos of Garbati’s Medusa a long time ago but I specifically remember this post from earlier this year Medusa was one of those pieces that really buried into my head and heart Sounds silly but just looking at it gives me strength Today I was lucky enough to see it in person She’s incredible And something that the original pictures don’t show— she’s HUGE! Meme

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