Martha is the most unremarkable of the Doctors companions Rose looked into the time vortex Donna grew a half human half Time Lord out of herself Amy saved the universe and Clara saved the Doctor What did Martha do? Like Comment Share-about an hour ago near Winnipeg Manitoba- Walked the Earth for a full year to spread the word about the Doctor in order to bring down the Master evading the Toclafane the entire time and was the one of the only people to survive the destruction of Japan by the Master? Went through medical school saved the Doctor's life multiple times flirted with Shakespeare twice got a job to support herself while stranded in an era with of blatant racism in order to look after the Doctor Blink& Human Nature Left willingly when she felt like it wasn't a good fit for her and it wasn't a healthy power dynamic and went on to work for both UNIT &Torchwood in high level positions scared theout of the Daleks by threatening to blow up the entire planet rather than let them win and went into freelance alien fighting with Mickey Smith I miss anything? Honestly Martha gets a really bad reputation that she doesn't deserve Meme

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